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Nordic Gnome gnomes
Handmade Gnome | Nordic Gnome
Handmade with care | Nordic Gnome
Nordic Gnome | Handmade in Brooklyn
Finland, the land of lakes & gnomes.

Nordic Gnome® gnomes are the authentic gnomes that treasure the old Nordic tradition and culture. Scandinavian folklore is rich with many types of woodland creatures, gnome (tonttu, tomte, or nisse) being one of them. They are believed to protect the family and animals from misfortune and to bring good luck to you and your home. They are a special addition to any home, decor, or season, and make wonderful gifts to give. Even though NG gnomes are traditional, they are simply adorable in a modern way and are sure to bring smiles around. These gnomes are not just for Holiday season!

Nordic Gnome® gnome family is a brainchild of Christa of NORDIChrista and Katja of NORDIKatja. These two individuals with a passion for creativity and everything Nordic, were both born and raised in Finland and grew up surrounded by beautiful nature, clean air, and simple, understated design.


Nordic culture nurtures creativity and crafting skills, and these two makers come from families with sewing enthusiasts, knitters, and woodworkers. Their artisan skills have been in practice much before the gnomes, but after moving to NYC, these skills and traditions have taken another meaning and have become a passion of theirs. NORDIChrista and NORDIKatja create beautifully handcrafted, heirloom quality Scandinavian gnomes with personalities for gnome lovers around the world. From original designs to carefully selecting the materials they use for each gnome, they make their gnomes from start to finish by hand. They strive for perfectly constructed items, and it's indeed the handmade aspect that makes these gnomes truly unique. Each gnome is an individual and no two will ever be exactly the same. All the details on them are hand stitched. No glue is ever used, that would be tacky. ;)

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